Monday, 28 February 2011

EnterpriseLink is a commercial company based in London. We specialise in the provision of innovative outsourcing solutions for small businesses, including accounting and TAX, marketing and design, consulting and a wide range of services for international companies looking to invest and do business in the United Kingdom.

Outsourcing is a powerful business approach; it enables you, as a small business owner focus more on your core business, free time, resources and enjoy the following benefits:
  •          Increase efficiency, productivity and profits
  •          Reduce overheads and costs
  •          Access to specialists and key contacts
  •          Enhance capacity, innovation and business processes
  •     Share risks and minimise business failure

There is no perfect time to start outsourcing, but if you don’t start soon then your competitors are probably already doing it!
Our outsourcing solutions include:
  •      Accounting and TAX
  •          Marketing and design
  •          Business consulting
  •          Doing business in the UK
  •          We are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  •          Pay-as-you-go service - you only pay for the time you need when you need it
  •          Experienced, multi-lingual and friendly staff
  •          Privacy and confidentiality at all times
  •          Work on time, every time
  •          FREE unlimited 24/7 businesses advice by telephone and email
  •          No retainer fees
  •          No tax or national insurance to pay
  •          No office space or equipment required
  •          No holiday, sick pay or pension payments to worry about   

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